Inspiring Women from All Over the World

A Welcoming Place for Women in Need

At Women Of Worth Walking In Wisdom Inc., we help women of all socioeconomic backgrounds reach their goals through Christ-centered faith-based programs. These programs assist individuals in being empowered instead of overpowered by difficult situations. We facilitate individual and group mentoring sessions in which participants can freely interact without fear of judgment.

Making a Positive Change in the Community

Nothing is more fulfilling than becoming a blessing to others. Like Christ, we do all we can to transform the lives of distressed individuals by helping them get back on their feet.  We encourage self-sufficiency while also being supportive.

About Us

Women Of Worth Walking in Wisdom is an organization consisting of Christian members who are dedicated to empowering women of all ages. We help every individual reach their fullest potential through focused mentoring sessions and advocacy programs which contribute to aiding each participant in overcoming self defeating behaviors.  Our hope is that the experience leaves each person feeling as if they have the information and tools to conquer life's challenges. Although our primary target is women, we do not exclude men. 


 Participant requirements and fees vary. With the support of our friends, faith communities, and a concerned society, we provide you with effective and low-cost services.

Meet Our Visionary          

Our visionary, Lisa Jackson, established our outreach ministry. She believes in creating an atmosphere where everyone is welcomed and valued. She also believes in being someone who inspires and models love in action.

You shouldn’t worry when sharing your personal stories, because we uphold confidentiality at all times. If you wish to learn more about our outreach activities and life coaching programs, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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